Sunday, July 31, 2016

Having Fun Where You Can

I know I haven't written in the month since moving into the RV. It's been a rough transition, which I promise to write about soon. Tonight, however, we've made plans to have some fun.

For the first time ever, we get to watch a Sharknado movie on the original air date! The office building has satellite TV and they get the SyFy channel. Woohoo!

Before you judge us for considering this fun, remember our choices at present. It's almost 100 degrees outside, muggy, and the mosquitoes have taken over. Inside the RV, it's muggy, crowded, messy, and the mosquitoes are trying to invade. We have DVDs but no satellite dish.

And sometimes you just need to revel in complete silliness to make the rest or your life seem a little better. I have learned to appreciate 'B' movies and we find the Sharknado series to be so ridiculous that it's fun. Sharknado 4 is exactly what we need  right now to counteract the stress of selling our house. (Appraisal is tomorrow.)

To make our 'movie-going' experience complete this evening, I'm going to make a big ol' mess of fancy nachos, starting with a bag of organic blue corn tortilla chips. I've dug out my recipe* for nacho "cheese" sauce, using soymilk and Daiya cheddar cheese shreds. There's salsa and guacamole to go on top and I think I'm going to chop up some of my own cured black olives to sprinkle over it all.

The only question now is whether I kept a big enough pan to put all this in. It was such a harried rush there at the end to load up and move into the RV that I still am not entirely sure what we kept and what we donated in the end.

Hope you have a fun evening planned, too. Watch out for sharknadoes!

*ETA: Here is the requested recipe for vegan nacho cheese.

Vegan Nacho Cheese  
1 tbs Earth Balance (vegan butter)
1 tbs flour (I use whole white wheat flour for everything.)
1 cup soy or other non-dairy milk
1 ¼ cups shredded vegan pepper jack or cheddar cheese (I prefer Daiya brand.)

In a medium sauce pot, melt the Earth Balance.
Add the flour and cook for a couple of minutes over moderate heat.
Whisk in the soymilk, stirring well to smooth out any lumps.
When the sauce comes to a bubble, stir in the cheese (not with the whisk unless you want an annoying clean-up job!)
Remove sauce from heat and pour over tortilla chips.

Sprinkle with any of these foods for even more flavor: sliced green onion, chopped fire-roasted green chiles, chopped fresh or canned jalapenos (remove seeds for less heat), chopped fresh cilantro, and/or chopped black olives.

Note: this can easily be made with dairy ingredients instead of the vegan versions.

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  1. Hope all is well. Would love an update. Also, would love the nacho cheese recipe :)


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