Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Blog Issues

Sigh. I received some nice comments and finally carved out some time to moderate them and respond. Blogger did not make this easy. It took multiple attempts to log in to my own blog because it didn't recognize the computer I was using to log in. It is the same computer I've been using for several years, dang it.

However, because we move around - duh, we're full-time RVers - this is a constant problem with signing in to accounts. Even though I followed the instructions to confirm my log in attempt on my phone, it still wouldn't let me in. I'm not sure what I did different to finally get into my own account, but here I am.

Now, however, it doesn't seem to recognize that I'm logged in when I go to view my blog so that I can respond to the comments. My responses have evaporated into thin air multiple times. They don't show up on the page - my own freakin' page! - or in comments awaiting moderation. Heavy sigh. It's pretty ridiculous to have to write a post to respond to comments.

But, I did want to thank dc for the suggestion of a great place to visit and Candace for the nice words. I did not keep the long bike because the logistics of fitting it on or in the towed car were too complicated. It now belongs to a Tucson bike commuter who hauls her two young children around on the snap deck while doing errands. Sadly, I have not been riding the bike I kept all that often. As the weather warms up here, perhaps that will change.

We're up in Idaho early in the season for several reasons. Southern Nevada was already getting warm. By early April, highs were hitting the mid-80s! The volunteer position here started in mid-April so that the park could get the place spruced up for their busy season. That is coming up fast since school will let it soon. We actually put off heading up here for an extra week because of snow. Idaho had an exceptionally snowy winter and it took the passes a while to clear. Many of the back road mountain passes are still closed!

Speaking of snow, it is still doing that here occasionally even though it is mid-May. I was out all day Saturday for a big bird count and was snowed on much of the time. While it was beautiful, it was also cold and sometimes made visibility so limited that it was hard to see the birds.

Regarding the future of this blog, I'd like to be able to occasionally post but if the above issues continue, I will probably just stick to Instagram. I'm having a lot of fun posting photos and am shocked and amazed that people are actually following me. I'm rarely able to get really clear photos with sharp focus because my camera is not a super-duper expensive one, nor do I have the patience to try to get the perfect shot, but I share what interests me.

So again, I invite anyone who has enjoyed my blogging to check out the photo version at instagram/birdingbyrv. It's takes less time than reading my wordy blog posts.

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  1. Chile, I do enjoy your "wordy blog posts" :) I am a follower on Instagram but do not check it as often as blogs yet but perhaps will think of it more often now. It is nice to think of your long bike cruising around with a mom and 2 kids isn't it?


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