Monday, April 11, 2016

Cleaning Frenzy

Holy moly! We've made an appointment to talk to a realtor Wednesday evening. That means we have three days, count 'em - only THREE days, to get this place ship-shape.

You would not believe the mess it is right now. It's not surprising given that we are in transition, but still... Considering how cluttered every room of the house is, it's hard to believe how much stuff we've already ditched. How can the house still be crowded when all of the following is gone? Chest freezer, exercise machines & equipment, Christmas tree & d├ęcor, about 30% of the furniture so far, loads of kitchen stuff including many of my beloved canning jars, clothes, linens - donated for doggie use at the shelter, and more. Even food has been donated, given away, and/or fed to the birds. The shed is still crowded, too, even though some bike stuff and tools have gone away.

The next three days will be devoted to organizing the clutter so it looks neat and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. We're mainly meeting with the realtor to get a sense of what we need to do besides empty the house in order to have it market-ready. But, we want him to have a positive impression when he comes in, not think, "OMG, these people think they're almost ready to sell?!" So, that means I cannot allow myself to be distracted by all the Spring birds coming through. Well, other than going out to bird the yard right now because there was a storm last night and something cool may have come in. And tomorrow morning when I'm meeting with a friend to help him identify birds on his large property. Other than that, no, I won't be distracted.

Okay, I will probably look out the window this evening to see if the cormorants fly by, but that's it. Really. I mean it.

(Checking e-mail.... What?! There's a Heermann's Gull just 8 miles away? Gotta go!)


  1. In my experience, the more you empty out a place, the more the remaining "stuff" expands to fill in the empty spaces, haha! What I also found, very shortly after we emptied out our home and hit the road for full time living in our 5th wheel, is that all those "things" I thought I'd miss, I didn't. In fact, I can't even remember now what it was I thought I would miss. In very short order I felt a true sense of liberation at not having so many possessions to fuss over. We truly did lighten our load, and have never regretted anything we didn't bring with us. I hope you have the same experience!

    1. I hope I get to that point eventually, Becky. Right now it's just a madhouse trying to deal with all this stuff!

  2. I hope some of those cormorants are flying up our way - Prince Edward Island, Canada. The waters are open now so they should be along any day. One of their summer spots is along the old concrete bases of an old bridge. Many of the migratory birds are already back, despite the fact that it is still darn cold and we still get the odd skiff of snow.

    1. Diane, I am sitting here sweating while replying to your comment. It's already quite warm here - 81 right now, in fact. You won't be seeing any of "my" cormorants since they are the Neotropic Cormorants. However, according to eBird's Species Map, there are already reports of Double-crested Cormorants in your neck of the woods! (


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