Saturday, January 23, 2016

I'd Rather Be Birding

I haven't posted much here lately because we've been busy with projects and when not busy, we've been out birding. With my husband's eye still not back to normal, he is unable to work on a lot of the items on the to-do list nor can he read or work on the computer much. He is able to enjoy being out looking for new birds, though, despite still having enough floaters in the one eye to be rather distracting.

This past week, we met our goal of seeing 100 different species this month. Getting the last few felt like pulling teeth; we had to really work for them. A short afternoon trip to a local park on Wednesday yielded numbers 99 and 100 on our list. Ironically, later that same afternoon, a new bird showed up in our yard. And the next day, another new bird showed up in our yard. So, after struggling to hit that "100" mark, we jumped past it with ease.

While bad weather hammers the East Coast, we have unseasonably warm weather here in the West. Yesterday was so nice that we took a drive north to do some birding in agricultural fields. Lots of driving around on dusty dirt roads yielded eight new birds for our list. Sadly, despite another warm, sunny day in the forecast, we do have to get some chores done today. I'd rather be birding!

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